Vereen Sports Medicine Program



Sports Medicine Program


          The Vereen Rehabilitation Center administers its Sports Medicine Program using a multidisciplinary approach, which aides in the recovery of injured

athletes. A full range of rehabilitation and physical therapy programs helps an athlete recover from an injury or illness.


          Vereen Center Sports Medicine’s athletic trainers are nationally certified by the National Athletic Trainers Association Board of Certification and licensed by

the State of Georgia.  Under the direction and supervision of Vereen Center Sports Medicine physicians, our staff provides athletic training services to several area

high schools and sports organizations.  Our athletic trainers provide immediate injury care, follow up injury treatment, injury prevention education, and cutting-

edge rehabilitation services for student athletes.


Our Program


Vereen Center Sports Medicine provides:


  • Streamlined system for referrals to physicians and diagnostic imaging

  • On-site medical care for all home and away interscholastic practices, events, and competitions

  • On-site sport-specific educational programming to student athletes, parents, and coaches

  • Consultation to coaches on pre-season, in-season, and off-season conditioning programs

  • Comprehensive concussion management program including baseline evaluations and ImPACT concussion testing

  • ACL prevention programming for female athletes

  • Athletic Training coverage for local special events