Sports Information Department


About the Sports Information Department


          The Sports Information Department is an extension of the Broadcasting Department at Thomas County Central High School and is run through the Athletic

Department. The program was created to inform the community about all things Yellow Jacket Athletics. Everything from student athletes signing to the college of

their choosing to the high stakes playoff games is covered by the Sports Information Department. The Sports Information Department informs the community on

everything that is going in athletics in many different ways and on many different platforms. Everything including Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, articles in the

newspaper, and even this website is used to inform the community on what is going on and the most interesting thing about the whole department is that it is run

ENTIRELY BY STUDENTS, under the supervision of Ms. Kristy Maxwell. 


          The program was started up in 2017 when Athletic Director Sam Holland pitched the idea to Co-Head of the Broadcasting Department, Kristy Maxwell.

Holland wanted a way to get information about athletic events to the people in the community using social media. Maxwell suggested the idea of having four

students to go to every sporting event to get highlights, scoring updates, etc. to be able to update social media in real time. Holland loved the idea and put things

in motion. At the beginning of the 2017 school year there were four paid positions available with the title of Sports Information Director. The positions would be

awarded to four broadcasting students choosen by Sam Holland and Kristy Maxwell who showed great interest in Yellow Jacket Athletics and had great experience

in videography, photography, and editing.


          As September 2017 started so did football season and with these things came the start of the Sports Information Department and as the last of the 2018

spring sports came to an end the Department looked back on a very sucessful first year.